JioCinema app – The perfect App For Watching India Regional Movies

Jio Cinema pp is the absolute app for both iOS and Android users in india to enjoy the indian regional cinema with valid Jio data offers. This app is only works with the Jio network as like Jio Tv app, and no othfer network users cannot access the app to watch movies online. This service is absolutely free for the Reliance Jio SIM subscribers. And they need only the 4G VoLTE data pack by Jio to enjoy the services without any streaming issue, since the service is high speed 4G.

How to watch Movies/ Cinema in Jio Cinema app

first of all, you need to download and install Jio Cinema app on your smartphone. If you ae using the Jio SIM inserted on the VoLTE slot of the smartphone, and then you need not to sigh in to the app since the Jio cinema app will automatically signed in since you are using Jio SIM. And if you are using Jio SIM inserted on the JioFi WiFi modem and trying to access the JioCinema app to watch movies, then you need to sign in with your Jio ID and password in order to get access to the Jio Cinema app.

To watch movies on Jio Cinema app, there will be many more categories of movies, TV shows, Videos etc where you can select from. you can go to the categories and can watch your favorite movies. There are so many categories and the categories are based on languages, actors, yearwise etc so that you can easily get the movies type you want. Just use search box in order to search your favorite items from there. Jio Cinema library have many movies, and all the movies are in high definition video format.

jio cinema app

Many of the users are still asking the question on, can they able to access the Jio Cinema app on their smartphone that are connected to the JioFi network and the smartphones are connected to Jio network Via Jio4GVoice app?  means many smartphones access with single user id and password of the SIM inserted on JioFi? And the answer is No. Only one user id and password credentials will works only for one user.

Safe to watch Movies Via JioCinema app

It is very safe to watch your favorite movies via Jio cinema app since all the content available from there is legally provided for the reliance Jio. Jio has own all the copyright for all those content posted there. so you need not to worry about in that manner.

You can read JioCinema license agreement from this link


It is clear that there is well written licence agreement where the content on the JioCinema app is legally rights to Jio. So no need to worry about the copyright issue.

Jio Cinema Web Version

If you are not willing to watch the shows via Jio cinema android or iOS app, then, you can enjoy the movies, TV Shows, Video clips etc via web browsers as exact like the app in the web version of Jio cinema app. you can enjoy the services by visiting the link  with your web browser. There also you need to be signed in to the Jio cinema account to access the services. you need to enter the credentials like Jio ID and password to get access to Jio Cinema web version. This web version is exact of Jio Cinema app, but only difference is you are experiencing the services via web browser. But i would suggest you to   get Jio Cinema android app download or iOS app to enjoy the services, so that there will be some greater experience while you are using the app.

If you are using desktop computers/laptop computer, suggestion is to use web version, or can be install JioCinema on your PC with the help of android emulators like bluestacks.

How Using Jio Cinema app benefit for you : Jio Digital Life

jio digital life

Here is full benefit for you if you are installing the jio Cinema app and other aps of Jio. Since Jio providing almost all services in one roof, like live tv app, online movies streaming, music online app (JioSaavn), Voice call apps, chat apps, etc you just need to use only this service only. If you have to enjoy all these service by the different providers, you need to spend separate amount for subscribing Tv apps like live nettv app, sony Liv, etc (Most of them provide less channels while Jio gives more channels), online movie streaming services like netflix, music apps like spotify, amazon music etc, while subscribing all these services, you need some big amount along with the internet bill. But while you are using Jio, you can spend only that internet bill itself to enjoy all these services. So it is better to use the service so we can call as all in one service for average indian mobile phone users.