Jio Dth will be on set to launch after jio fiber

JioGigafiber was launched just couple of days before the india independence day. This is the gift for india people by mukesh ambani, launched jio gigafiber broadband service in exact august 12, 2019 in mumbai.

The next will be on the track and set to launch jio dth – the direct from air dish services. The most waiting service in India so far. The jio dth launch news was hearing India people from that last 2 years and the launch of its service is going long than expected.

jio dth anj jio gigafiber

Jio DTH Registration & Booking

but when Jio gigaFiber launched, the people have now hope that jio dth registration and booking is coming soon. The people looking best part from the jio dth is that, they want affordable cost for best services. It is not correct if there may be chance of booking and registration for their dth services since they are running the service for all those customers want. They may be distribute the dth connection via jio own dealers and some other local dealers. The local dealer which i means, the dealer where you can buy any dth service available in the market like airtel, dish tv, sun dth, etc.

Normally the dth packages are based on the company direct packages. But in recent, TRAI – Telecpm regulation authority of india now offered the users to select their favorite channels and set their own packages. But so many complaints are coming in this kind of channels selection. The users are getting higher cost when they select channels and make a package. though they don’t get much number of channels thay have experienced before.

so the users are looking for to get rid from the user generated pack, instead get all the channels with affordable cost. They expect this when Jio launches it’s dth service. The people expect to launch in the 2019 itself. Though there are 4 more months in order to get complete 2019.

GigaTV – The internet TV Just before Jio DTH Launches

We already described above, Jio has launched Jio GigaFiber, the FTTH broadband connections to the users over 1500+ cities in india. The service launched 2019, 12 august. This service is equipped with the internet TV, Jio named this service as Jio GigaTV. The TV channels over broadband.

GigaTV is also provided with the set top box except the dish antenna that we can see in traditional dth service. Though DTH is direct to Home from air, But jio gigatv provides channels streaming via broadband. This super speciality provide channels in ultra high definition format.we don’t know how it works when net speed has down in slow. I think along with picture quality, the users can enjoy the sound clarity too.

So we should experience the gigatv and JIo dth service. In my opinion, i would prefer DTH service rather than GigaTV since there is no data speed issue arises in connection. Although the most channels are available in high definition format for s special charge.

The charges regarding the two service described above will be low when compared to other service providers in the same manner. So people in india looking for that since many people are under below poverty line. Even if they are above poverty line that will be added like that in order to get the offers from government. So real people in india can afford dth and broadband in low costs.


Both these services are under construction stage so the Jio group can watch how their mobile network has gone and from the inspiration of the success of Jio 4G VoLTE, they are now again invested to start more services under the brand name JIo. Now it is better to get market in the hand of Jio since they have got much more trust and popularity in india.


Login Jio Pos Plus app – Retailers App

Reliance Jio has introduced the app exclusively for the Reliance Jio SIM users only to recharge all Jio Numbers for the customers. The app for the Retailers shop owners and not for the millions of Jio customers. The Jio Pos plus app allows the Jio agent or the mobile shop owners to login with the unique id and password provided by the Jio sales department tto get in. In the profile and in that accountt, the retailers should fill the balance to recharge the Jio SIM Users.

By Recharging the JIO sim, The recharge amount will be deducted from the account by leaving the recharge commission for the Jio Retailers. The app is very easy to use and manage.

Login Jio Pos Plus App

First of all need to Login the Jio Pos plus app to get sign in. You will have unique ID and the selected password for you to login to the Jio Pos Plus app. The app is free and cannot or not available to download from google play store platform, since the app is not for large number of public personals. Jio pos plus user interface is very simple and can be able to recharge the Jio numbers very easily. A person with a little knowledge of technical can be able to operate the app.

Jio pos plus app

After login to the app, to recharge the Jio number, just enter the mobile number needed tto be filled with valid tarrif plan. and then select the amount or plan offers, Just select them and recharge immediately.


What others can do with Jio pos plus app is, without recharging the Jio numbers, activating the New Jio SIM Cards, connecting the Aadhar card to the sim etc can be done. The older version of Jio pos named only Jio pos. and the newer version of the app came with the name Jio Pos Plus app and now the version 9.9.1. Download the app for free and if you are a retailer shop owner, that will be very helful for you.


Mi Drop – High Speed file transfer app from Xiaomi

Xiaomi Mi drop is the most used by the redmi smartphone users. By using these app, they are getting the results awesome speed of Mi Drop. Since the app is default installed in redmi smartphones like poco, and all its types. so the users do not want to install any other apps like shareit, xender etc to your smartphone.

mi drop

Features of Mi Drop

Mi drop have some more cool features. the flash speed of file transfer and share with the help of wifi hotspot. The file transfer speed is much more faster and as much as 200 times faster than bluetooth. The xiaomi Mi drop download and the app have very good reviews from the xiaomi smartphone users in their forum and in google play store reviews too. All other apps like shareit, xender, portal etc have 4.5/5 in the play store rating and Midrop have 4.8/5 and is much more.

All types of files can be transfer using Mi drop like video, audio, image, app files like apk, zip files, office files like pdf, doc etc can be transfer. you can transfer as single file or transfer entire bulk. very large files are transferred in very short time.

How to transfer files using Mi Drop

Very simple to transfer files. first need to turn off data if it is on. you need to turn of wifi since the technology behind this transfer file system based on the wifi hotspot surroundings. even if not on wifi, the app will initiate at the stage of device to device connection.

it is like transferring files using other apps like shareit, xender etc. send and receive option when we open the app interface. in one device select send and in other receive. the device will search and find. and tap the device name if multiple device name showing. and just connect. then files will shows in the interface. you can send as files wise or can be send as folder as your choice.

If you are using personal computer, then Mi drop for pc guide is suitable. the step by step process to download and install Mi drop app on your personal computers.

JioCinema app – The perfect App For Watching India Regional Movies

Jio Cinema pp is the absolute app for both iOS and Android users in india to enjoy the indian regional cinema with valid Jio data offers. This app is only works with the Jio network as like Jio Tv app, and no othfer network users cannot access the app to watch movies online. This service is absolutely free for the Reliance Jio SIM subscribers. And they need only the 4G VoLTE data pack by Jio to enjoy the services without any streaming issue, since the service is high speed 4G.

How to watch Movies/ Cinema in Jio Cinema app

first of all, you need to download and install Jio Cinema app on your smartphone. If you ae using the Jio SIM inserted on the VoLTE slot of the smartphone, and then you need not to sigh in to the app since the Jio cinema app will automatically signed in since you are using Jio SIM. And if you are using Jio SIM inserted on the JioFi WiFi modem and trying to access the JioCinema app to watch movies, then you need to sign in with your Jio ID and password in order to get access to the Jio Cinema app.

To watch movies on Jio Cinema app, there will be many more categories of movies, TV shows, Videos etc where you can select from. you can go to the categories and can watch your favorite movies. There are so many categories and the categories are based on languages, actors, yearwise etc so that you can easily get the movies type you want. Just use search box in order to search your favorite items from there. Jio Cinema library have many movies, and all the movies are in high definition video format.

jio cinema app

Many of the users are still asking the question on, can they able to access the Jio Cinema app on their smartphone that are connected to the JioFi network and the smartphones are connected to Jio network Via Jio4GVoice app?  means many smartphones access with single user id and password of the SIM inserted on JioFi? And the answer is No. Only one user id and password credentials will works only for one user.

Safe to watch Movies Via JioCinema app

It is very safe to watch your favorite movies via Jio cinema app since all the content available from there is legally provided for the reliance Jio. Jio has own all the copyright for all those content posted there. so you need not to worry about in that manner.

You can read JioCinema license agreement from this link


It is clear that there is well written licence agreement where the content on the JioCinema app is legally rights to Jio. So no need to worry about the copyright issue.

Jio Cinema Web Version

If you are not willing to watch the shows via Jio cinema android or iOS app, then, you can enjoy the movies, TV Shows, Video clips etc via web browsers as exact like the app in the web version of Jio cinema app. you can enjoy the services by visiting the link  with your web browser. There also you need to be signed in to the Jio cinema account to access the services. you need to enter the credentials like Jio ID and password to get access to Jio Cinema web version. This web version is exact of Jio Cinema app, but only difference is you are experiencing the services via web browser. But i would suggest you to   get Jio Cinema android app download or iOS app to enjoy the services, so that there will be some greater experience while you are using the app.

If you are using desktop computers/laptop computer, suggestion is to use web version, or can be install JioCinema on your PC with the help of android emulators like bluestacks.

How Using Jio Cinema app benefit for you : Jio Digital Life

jio digital life

Here is full benefit for you if you are installing the jio Cinema app and other aps of Jio. Since Jio providing almost all services in one roof, like live tv app, online movies streaming, music online app (JioSaavn), Voice call apps, chat apps, etc you just need to use only this service only. If you have to enjoy all these service by the different providers, you need to spend separate amount for subscribing Tv apps like live nettv app, sony Liv, etc (Most of them provide less channels while Jio gives more channels), online movie streaming services like netflix, music apps like spotify, amazon music etc, while subscribing all these services, you need some big amount along with the internet bill. But while you are using Jio, you can spend only that internet bill itself to enjoy all these services. So it is better to use the service so we can call as all in one service for average indian mobile phone users.

GBWhatsapp – The mod version of Whatsapp

We all have whatsapp and enjoying the messaging with our friends, families, relatives etc in the simple app. sending emotions, texting, sending funny videos, messages, chatting etc. Already the whatsapp have the some more features that every users will love to enjoy. But have you heard about the gbwhatsapp? whats is gbwhatsapp? do you have any idea.

GBWhatsapp is the mod version of whatsapp having some more cool special features that the normal whatsapp lack of. GBWhatsapp is the modded version. there are cool features loaded with the gbwhatsapp.

Using gbwhatsapp, the special features added are the listed below. The gbwhatsapp have more than the best app. the same whatsapp account can be used along with the gbwhatsapp too.


Developer of gbwhatsapp

Developer of gbwhatsapp is not the developer of normal whatsapp. The normal whatsapp codes are taken by the other developers in the gbmod developer team and integrating the features that the normal whatsapp apk file not contains.

one of the other thing is the gbwhatsapp is only available to download and install for the android users only. There is not gbwhatsapp version available for the iOS, blackberry, blueberry smartphone users.

Any legal issue while using the gbwhatsapp

For now, there is no any legal issue we will face while using the gbwhatsapp version since we are not stealing any of the information of the whatsapp users. fully security, and no any information of us will never pass to any other contacts, or we  cannot get any leak information from any other private personalities. so there will not any issue associated with gbwhatsapp while installing on your android smartphone.

Features of gbwhatsapp

Now let us discuss the tasty features of gbwhatsapp. we can control our privacy as full in gbwhatsapp by privacy settings.

control over, tick, double tick, blue tick, last seen, typing notification etc can be hide successfully with gbwhatsapp that installed on your smartphone.

the name for the group can be named with up to 35 characters. the files can be send up to 50 MB size where that allowed in normal whatsapp is only 15 MB. Many files can be sent at a time is another smart feature of gbwhatsapp.




Live Nettv App Install For Watching TV Channels On Mobile

today here in this post , i am going to introduce a powerful application for the mobile or smartphone users. This app allows you to watch live streaming of TV channels online free with your smartphone. No matter from which country you are like india, pakistan, united states, malaysia, singapore, sri lanka etc. These countries and some other countries also. And the app is Live NetTv app android and iOS version. This app is free to download and is not available from google play store. This app is best app and will give the 500+ tv channels online live across many of the language and categories.

live nettv app

Features Of Live NetTv app

In this section, we are going to discuss the features of the Live net tv app. The app have some more features than any of the other competitive apps in the android and iOS market.

  • Easy to use interface. The best graphical user interface available with Live net tv.
  • More than 500+ channels
  • Some HD channels are also available.
  • In built media player
  • Easy and quick navigation is available with the interface
  • play and pause option available so that you can watch from the part you are leaving while watching the tv shows or programmes.
  • Very nice and noise free operation
  • no any buffering issue if you have used the 4G VoLTE network with the application.
  • The app have recording facility where you can record your favorite programmes and can be watch it on later when ever you got free time.
  • Live net tv app available in many countries ranging from asian, eauropian and middle east, australia too.
  • Channels categories includes kids, movies , news, music, devotional, sports etc.
  • You can watch live streaming of sports events such as worlds cup, football , cricket, volley ball, tennis, olympics etc.

How To Download Live NetTv app

It is very easy to download and Install Live Nettv app from the internet. To download app, you can go to the link provided in this article and can be download. You can also download the app from the official website of Live Net tv. You can download in the android apk format or iOS format also. Both the files are available to download and install free. And why this Live net tv app is not available to download from google play store? Do You know? And the reason is that the app does not gives the channels that are legally. The copyrighted channels are there. That is why. But you need not to worry.

Live Net Tv APK Specifications

App: Live Net Tv

Apk File Size: 25 MB

Version: V 1.2.5

Rating: 4.3/5

Developer: Live Net Tv Media Enterprises.

Active Installs: 10,000,0+

Available on Play Store: No

How To Install Live Net Tv On PC

You can download and install Live net tv app on windows pc. This is the method where you are following any other apps that are download and install on windows. Yes, i am saying that with the help of android emulators like bluestacks, you can run Live net tv app on windows, mac, and Linux os based personal computers.

jioMusic App For Unlimited Songs

Next we are going to introduce another app from reliance jio family. as we have introduced the app from jio like jio tv, my jio, jio4gvoice apps here are going to give the introduction on JioMusic or JioMusic app for online listening the songs for the music lovers. i am sure this will be bestie app for music lovers. The main advantage of the app is that you need not to have physical storage or memory card inserted on your android smartphone. You can listen the songs online with the jio music app free.

JioMusic Download

jio music allows you to enjoy the unlimited songs from the internet almost in many categories or genres. The app guves you the songs from various languages in india. Jio music app also have much more peculiarities to enjoy.

jio music app

The app concept is you can enjoy the songs online with the music library by reliance jio. the app have the ability to predictor suggests the songs that the user have recently searched on the search bar. The app will have the higher ratings 4.5 out of 5.

Jio Music Features

if you have installed the jio music app on your android smartphone, you will definitely will be a fan of the jiomusic app for sure. one of another master feature that allows on jio music is it will help you and show you how to set jio tunes with the jio music app interface. There is one button when the song is playing, and the ringtone associated with that song, the set “Jio tune” button will be enabled, otherwise disabled.

download now and install immediately the jiomusic app free. you can download the app from google play store and from any other websites that are offering the jio music app. i am a big fan of jio music app since my passion is songs. i am listening all the songs from web using the jiomusic as intermediate between me and the internet. you can also enjoy the app itself from the google play store.

please not to download the app in latest version since you have the latest version of android apk. now running is noughta version of android, so you can download latest version of jio music app.

Recent Update on Jio Music: Jio Music is Now Jio Saavn

From the last march 2018, the discussions are going on the merging the saavn and jio music. now the merging has been completed. now no more jio music app, instead , Jio saavn app will be , the two biggest brands merged to form the biggest one app with millions of songs. these app have more features than the old one. but in almost 90% same features as we can see in jio music app. The jiomusic app is automatically updated to jio saavn app. and now jiosaavn is exists.

No we can expect any changes in future since, the app was initially jio beats, and then it is transformed to jio music and now the biggest brand jio saavn, which brand is making struggle other bigger brands to came in india like spotify, apple music etc.

Mini Militia App Mod download

In the occasion you pick up of Doodle Military two : Mini Militia application on your dubious drive or desktop machine which has home windows 7 8 ten and Macbook os you could begin doing a few issues like as takes after lesson

Mini Militia Different Mods

The most effective method to download Doodle Army 2 : Mini Militia for pc windows 10 7 8 Mac on blustack ?
mini militia god mod

Especially thought you’ll need to have bluestack on your scratch pad. Download Here Bluestack

Since has done now the ideal opportunity for applying bluestack and get Doodle Military two : Mini Militia application for PC framework.

Available your have bluestack emulator and afterward, from your android emulator screen kind ” Doodle Military two : Mini Militia ” in search for box at amend pose.

Amon all the mini militia game the one most popular one is mini militia god mod apk since many downloads are taken place.

Go through instalation activities. Without a doubt simply like you get and putting in new application within your Android Product

Immediately directly in the wake of consummation directly all things considered, you are prepared to begin using Doodle Military two : Mini Militia For Laptop Windows ten/7/8 or Mac

In the event that you have to scrutinize everywhere throughout the idea Doodle Military two : Mini Militia for Android and Doodle Military two : Mini Militia For Laptop home windows ten ensure you influence positive you to withdraw remark or just to state howdy

The Mod apk given here has been tried, and no issues were accounted for. Occasional slacks were experienced when the essential weapon i.e. rocket launcher was changed to Saw Cutter. The download connect given here does not have Machete as a matter of course but rather would be incorporated into the following refresh alongside Speed Hack.

The application has been refreshed to determine the issue looked in a few gadgets where weapons were not discharging. This hack has been made remembering that each weapon has boundless ammunition.

We recommend you utilize Chrome web program for downloading the apk. The most recent rendition of Chrome can continue interfered with downloads without tainting the apk document.

Jio Chat App Free Download; Online Chat App


Jio ChatApp Download

Jio Chat for PC is just an impressive application by introducing which, the clients can make video calls, voice visits and informing with zero of cost. Truly, you have heard it right. The Jio Messenger is totally for nothing out of pocket with no unsettling influence of irritating advertisements. You will encounter an impeccable voice and video quality which you will get awed with.

While you talk through Jio Chat on Windows, you can utilize enthusiastic stickers that will influence you to use on your visits. Notwithstanding it, to make the stickers more appealing, JioChat has worked with couple of mainstream Indian specialists to make some territorial stickers that can be utilized by the clients over their visits. Stickers are accessible in view of various dialects like Punjabi, Kannada, Tamil, Gujarati, Oriya, and so forth., on JioChat. Presently express your sentiments in your own particular style by utilizing these beautiful stickers.

There is something truly intriguing component in this application that is, you would now be able to communicate about your most loved brands on visits and you can get enormous arrangements and offers on it from various diverts in Jio Chat. The clients can investigate on something which they will be unquestionably affectionate off by watching bit-sized video stories from everywhere throughout the world. Appreciate free motion pictures and TV appears on JioTV and Mobdro Online TV

JioChat For Pc

For better interface, the clients can get to this application according to their agreeable dialect, as this application is accessible in every single real dialect. To utilize this application on your PC, is observed to be somewhat precarious, so to address that, I am will clarify you the detail ventures about how to introduce this application on your PC on the grounds that Jio Chat for PC is authoritatively not accessible on Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP and Vista and Mac Computer.

Highlights of Jio Chat for Laptop/Computer

Experience the top of the line quality while you make calls and do talks through JioChat.

Send delightful stickers to your cherished once while talking with them.

Get engaged with collaboration about well known brands and get great arrangements from various channels.

Investigate all through the world by watching bit-sized recordings on JioChat.

This application is accessible in different dialects.

Everything in this application is free of cost.

My Jio App Download For Online Jio Recharge

my jio app download

Do you want to recharge online your reliance jio number. it is possible with the android app developed by reliance jio for jio users. The android app for online jio recharge is my jio app. You can manage all the jio operations with my jio app. It is definitely a gateway to the digital world. my jio app download and install for jio recharge online.

Never miss anything from jio as you can use it with my jio app.

Use of my jio app

The uses of my jio app was awesome.

  • Recharge any jio number using my jio app
  • use multiple user within one app
  • app allows to download all the jio apps like my jio app, jio 4g voice, jio tv etc within the interface of the my jio app.
  • if your app is outdated, the My Jio online recharge app will notify to update the app.
  • access the jio digital life with my jio app using jio number and password.

How to download my jio app?

It is very easy to download and install the my jio app from the internet. you can use google play store to download the my jio app or you can download my jio app from any of the trusted source on the internet. There are a lot of web pages allows you to download and install the app.
How to use Non-VoLTE smartphone with jio4gvoice

Installing the myjio app was so easy. You have to download the myjio apk from the internet. you can install like any other android app you installed on your android smartphone.

jio recharge app; Myjio App

MyJio is App with ongoing data to get to different administrations and highlights. Utilizing MyJio App you can see your dynamic arrangement alongside legitimacy, check utilization points of interest for your calls, messages and information, create definite explanations for up to a half year, find adjacent stores or JioNet hotspots, connect various Jio administrations to a solitary Jio ID, refresh enrolled portable number or email ID, Sign up your Jio ID, recover your secret word, get bolster from FAQs, Jio specialists or raise and track benefit asks for through ‘JioCare’. To download all Jio apps, you can visit and install apps free

Note: To auto login to MyJio App by tapping on ‘Skip Sign In’ while utilizing Jio SIM or login to MyJio App utilizing your Jio ID and secret word.

Jio ID is your key to open the whole bundle of Jio applications and administrations. After agree to accept your Jio ID, you can utilize it to get to MyJio and other Jio applications, for example, JioTV, JioCinema, JioMusic, JioMags, JioXpressNews, JioNewspaper, JioSecurity and JioDrive. Take after strides in underneath to join Jio ID from Official Website.

MyJio App Old Version Free Download

MyJio old version
In this section , you are going to download the old version of MyJio app. why you need old version of my jio andoid app. Because your android smartphone no longer supports the latest version of my jio app, so you need to download and install the app with the old version. you can download old version from // Get download and install the app free.